Travel Assistance Grants

About the TAG Program

As the top destination online for OM-related information, OMF is inundated with requests from around the world for assistance with research, treatment and travel. We do our best to fulfill these requests, but we have for some time wished to have a more structured program for disbursing funds specifically for patient travel. We feel this is critical to reducing the friction of getting you, the patient, in front of the experts. So, in October 2012, OMF unveiled the Travel Assistance Grant (TAG) program to provide needs-based travel assistance to patients and their immediate caregivers.

The Awards

OMF has committed up to $15,000 per year for individuals and their immediate caregivers to travel by air, rail or car in the United States for OM-related treatment.

We consider each trip of one person to a treatment instituion an 'instance'. A trip of two people (say, a patient and a caregiver traveling together) would constitute two instances.

The anticipated award is maximum $500 per instance (typically, a round-trip coach class fare in the continental United States) per individual for airfare and $100 per instance for rail. No single family can receive award funds for more than $1,500.

Selection Criteria

Applications for TAG Awards will be evaluated solely on need.

Factors that will be weighed when evaluating each application include the unique financial situation of the applicant and their family, how long they have been battling OM and their total total out-of-pocket expenses related to disease treatment.

As with most application processes, there are no hard and fast rules. But, we can say that if you have a need to see a specific expert for a specific treatment and you don't have the funds to cover your transportation to see that expert, we will do our best to accomodate you through this unique program.

Apply for a TAG Award

Requesting travel for yourself or for a friend or family member is easy. Simply click on the blue box to the right. If the idea of entering a bunch of personal information into an online forms, makes you uneasy, feel free to click here to download the application form and then mail it to us.

Along with the confidential questionnaire, we'll need you to submit proof of your income/financial status along with any supporting materials, and an OMF representative will get back to you shortly (usually 5-10 business days) to take the next steps in assessing your need and then arranging for your travel.
To download an application and mail it in, please click here.
Please email if you have any questions.