"Eye" Give Hope - Holiday Campaign

Raise Awareness and Provide Hope

​As part of this holiday season, OMF wants to spread awareness and hope through your stories. Please send us a story of the "BEST GIFT" you or your loved one received during the cancer journey. Maybe it was a handmade craft, maybe it was the gift of time with a special friend, maybe it was extra care from a nurse, or maybe it was words said at the perfect moment that provided comfort. Tell us about the gift.

Between now and January 10th, we will highlight stories here and on our social media outlets. 

Please send your "Best Gift story" to holly@ocularmelanoma.org. Be sure to include a picture if you have one. 

Origami Cranes Gift 

Kelly, from Fort Collins, CO sent us this "Best Gift" story:

"​I have a friend from Japan.  There's a Japanese "legend" that if you strongly desire something like good health, you make 1000 origami cranes.  In the week before my plaque placement, this sweet friend, Tae, recruited other friends and my family members to start folding cranes.  She and another friend, Debbie presented 1250 of them to me in this gorgeous "bouquet" the day before my surgery." 

The Gift of Meals

Terri from Rhode Island shared the following "Best Gift" Story:

"I was blessed with the most thoughtful 8 neighbors, and during my week of radiation treatments, they each took turns providing us with a delicious meal. This photo is just an example, it included a bouquet of flowers, salad, meatballs in sauce, crusty bread, and a sample pack of various cheesecake slices - wonderful! It was much appreciated."

The Gift of Fundraising

Joanne from Washington, DC shared:

"​I was diagnosed with OM 5 years ago. I have been raising funds and awareness ever since. I am very thankful for the support I have received for my fundraising events. Recently, my mother-in-law, Phyllis, had a big, blow-out party. Phyllis did not want gifts, so she approached me with her idea. In lieu of gifts, she asked guests to donate to OMF. I was truly touched."

December 2017-January 2018

Email your "Best Gift" story to holly@ocularmelanoma.org

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