May 17, 18, 19th 2019
Raise Awareness about Eye Cancer

As part of Melanoma Awareness Month, OMF is proud to support the annual Eye Patch Days to increase awareness of ocular melanoma and the need for DILATED EYE EXAMS. 

On Friday, May 17th, Saturday, May 18th and Sunday May 19th, OMF Warriors around the globe will wear eye patches to raise awareness for ocular melanoma. Wearing an eye patch is a great way to start a conversation with co-workers, friends and neighbors about OM and how important it is to see an ophthalmologist regularly.

Just wearing an eye patch, we can guarantee you'll get questions about your eye patch wear. So please join us and be the light in OM awareness until we #SeeACure! 

Click on the Eye Patch Pirate to place your order!
Uveal melanoma is anything but a laughing matter, but we encourage you to bring some fun to this day of global community advocacy. So while wearing an eye patch, you are encouraged to spread the word about this eye cancer and the need for yearly DILATED eye exams.

Where do I get a patch to wear?

You can buy your own pirate eye patch at most party stores or OMF can send you some to pass out along with our brochures. We ask for a donation to cover some of the costs.

Click on ORDER NOW and we will ship your order starting the week of April 25th, 2019.
We are asking for donations to help defray the high costs of shipping and eye patches. If you are unable to donate, we ask for a $1 donation. An eye patch and brochure will be sent to you.  If you need more than 1 eye patch, please contact and tell us how many you need over the 1 you have just requested. We will do all we can to help spread the word about Ocular Melanoma through our Eye Patch Days.


While there are no fundraising requirements for this event, we recognize that some participants wish to raise funds for OM in conjunction with spreading awareness. Participants are urged to sign up family, friends, neighbors and coworkers in advance of May 17,18 & 19th. We are happy to give you extra OMF pamphlets to hand out if you would like. Drop us a line at and let us know what your specific event needs are.
We are happy to work with you.
This day is NOT just for monocular patients or even just for patients. Help us distribute our brochures and eye patches to let your friends and co-workers, neighbors and relatives know the importance of DILATED EYE EXAMS. It's about starting a conversation and even having some fun while doing so.
The goal here is to get the word out and stimulate conversations about what OM is and how people can better manage their own eye health. It will be uncomfortable - literally and figuratively - for many people to wear an eye patch, even for a day, especially those who have lost someone to OM. But, that's the point. Ideally, people will ask questions and it will give you the chance to discuss the disease. Odds are the person you're talking to has not heard of OM. Again, if you'd like to have OMF pamphlets to distribute as well, we can include those with the eye patches we send you.

We encourage you to use social media to widen broadcast of the message. Check out OMF's Facebook page and Twitter page and use the hash tags:


You can also send us pictures of you wearing your patch and perhaps even getting others in your office to wear one too!