Warrior Spotlight

Meet Chris and Shelby Carroll 

Chris and Shelby were married in 2012 and, like most young couples, looked forward to blissful years to come. The word cancer couldn't have been further from their minds. Now, when introducing their experience with eye cancer, the couple admits, "Our vows of 'in sickness and in health' certainly ring true today."

Chris, who had always had fantastic vision, was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in July 2014, just as they were approaching their second wedding anniversary.

The tumor was discovered after Chris' office rearranged the furniture. Suddenly he realized there was a part of the office he couldn't see. After visits to an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, they were sent to Dr. Finger of New York City for diagnosis and treatment.

From Caregiver to Warrior Standard-bearer

After Chris underwent a successful plaque therapy treatment, Shelby found herself asking "Now what?" She describes the time as a black cloud of uncertainty hanging over them. She realized to battle this black cloud, she wanted to do something more.

After doing some research, Shelby pinpointed a project between the Rare Cancer Research Foundation and OMF to support their efforts to gather a collection of well-characterized, immortal ocular melanoma cell lines. 

Shelby used the YouCaring.com platform for her fundraiser. She explained the the process, "I started with family and friends. Then they spread it to their family and friends. The network of support grew and grew!" From there, they reached out to their business school friends, their professional ties, and their church community.

"This experience showed me that people want to give. They are just waiting for you to make it easy for them to help!" Shelby explained. And help they did! Currently, their online fundraiser has raised almost $12,000 plus money matched by her employer. Their overall goal of providing $30,000 towards the cell line project is well on its way!

Shelby's advice to anyone thinking of starting a fundraiser: "Tap into your networks!" and "Utilize the awareness days and months such as 'Cancer Awareness Day' to garner more support."

Shelby's encouraged anyone battling this disease to start a Warrior project. When describing the overall experience she said, "This gave me a way to fight for my husband!" 

​"This gave me a way to fight for my husband!" 

Join the Fight!

Together, Let's See A Cure!

If you'd like to contribute to Chris and Shelby's project, click here.

If you'd like to start your own Warrior project, contact Holly at OMF to begin.