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OMF has over 4,000 visitors to our website every month from nearly 40 different countries. We have nearly 2,000 members in our online Patient Forum and are putting on ground-breaking events such as the Eye Am Not Alone (EANA) Patient Retreat.

We strive to be the best source of information and community for patients, their families, and professionals seeking resources and support when facing, treating, and researching ocular melanoma.

A few current OMF short-term goals:
  • Convening of the annual Ocular Melanoma Scientific Working Group Symposium to bring together experts in the field in order to accelerate research and collaboration with the goal of fast-tracking effective treatments and, eventually a cure, for patients with this disease.
  • Development of a new research and treatment agenda to accelerate the pace of medical research and new, effective treatment options for OM.
  • Creation of “best practices” clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals and OM patients.
  • 'Air cover' marketing collateral to raise awareness of OM with ophthalmologists and ocular oncologists around the country
Of course, this all takes two things: time and money. And we’re looking for both!

You can rest assured that any gift – of your valuable time and energy, or of your wallet, no matter how big – will be used wisely to further the mission of OMF, support patients and professionals, and one day find a cure.

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While donating online is the easiest way to give to OMF, we also accept checks and cash donations.

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Honoring or memorializing a friend or family member by creating a customized Tribute Page on the OMF website is a thoughtful way to recognize his or her journey with ocular melanoma. OMF will work with you to create a beautiful, long-lasting page that also serves to collect donations in their memory to be put to research and/or patient advocacy and education.

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A list of the active tribute pages hosted with OMF can be found at the top-right of this page.