"The Way I See"
Drawings & Paintings
by Laura Metzger

These 5 art pieces have been made into 9 x 12 prints.  Only 6 prints of each have been made, signed and numbered by the artist.

About making her work available in this way, the artist says: "It brings together how my art is affected by my vision and how my vision is affected by my cancer, and how making art gets me through the difficult days and celebrates the good ones."

To own a print, make a donation of $100 or more to Ocular Melanoma Foundation.  

The prints can be viewed and picked up at:
Adath Jeshurun Gift Shop
2401 Woodbourne Avenue, Louisville, KY

Should you be unable to pick up your print, please include the mailing cost of $20 per print.
This will be our indication that we should mail your print and not save it for pickup at the gift shop.

Orange Lilies  (SOLD OUT)
(Pen & Ink Winter 2019)
Anniversary Blooms  (SOLD OUT)
(Watercolor, February 2019)
Rockin' It  (2 LEFT)
(Pen & Ink, 2019)
Shoshi's Scene (2 LEFT)
(Watercolor, Winter 2018)
Thank you so much for helping those who have Ocular Melanoma. To date, there is no cure.  Research and assistance are helping prolong lives until we #SeeACure together.
Pale Lilies  (SOLD OUT)
(Watercolor Winter 2019)