Together Let's SEE A CURE.

Ocular melanoma is a rare cancer of the eye affecting only 6 people in a million.

OMF is the leading resource for eye cancer research funding, education and patient/caregiver support.

Together, we've raised nearly $3 million in our quest to #SEEACURE for eye cancer.  

$885,000 committed in 2023 for Critical OM Research via AACR and Thomas Jefferson MRIE

Every year, OMF typically donates over $250,000 to see a cure for OM but in 2023 we really outdid ourselves.  Through our partnership with AACR, in 2023 OMF was thrilled to support a $150,000 Career Development Award: Shaheer Khan, DO, Columbia University Medical Center which will be rolled over to 2024. Read more about Dr. Khan's research.  OMF also committed year to two new Innovation & Discovery grants via AACR and two Research Fellowship awards, for a total of $535,000 in new funding to begin distribution through AACR in 2024.

In addition, OMF partnered with Thomas Jefferson University's Melanoma Research Center of Excellence (MRIE) and was able to raise $350,000 (including TJU matching funds and OMF commitments for 2024) to drive critical research at TJU! Read more about the 3 already awarded grants here >

Learn more about OMF's research funding initiatives and donate today to help fund the next breakthrough!

Aura Biosciences Phase III OM Trial for Newly Dx'ed Small Tumor Patients

Aura Biosciences is actively seeking newly diagnosed, small tumor OM patients for an exciting 100 patient Phase III trial to determine the safety and efficacy of their belzupacap sarotalocan (bel-sar) agent.  Bel-sar is a novel drug that is injected into the eye where it selectively binds to OM cells. Then it's activated with light and proceeds to cause a physical disruption of the cell membrane leading to acute cellular necrosis, ie death of the tumor. This study is looking ONLY at patients with small lesions (primary indeterminate lesions (IL) or small choroidal melanoma (CM)) BEFORE they undergo plaque therapy.

You can learn more about the trial by emailing OMF here or by visiting