About OMF

The Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF) was established in 2003 by Dr. Robert C. Allen, a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist and his eldest son, Grant Allen.  Dr. Allen was also an OM patient, and in confronting this relatively rare disease as both doctor and patient, he was struck by the lack of up-to-date treatment information available to patients, their families and healthcare professionals as well as the paucity of research initiatives devoted to ocular/uveal melanoma as a melanoma wholly distinct from skin cancer.
Today, OMF operates as a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation (EIN 20355509) out of Washington, DC. While remaining a small and entrepreneurial organization, OMF remains the leading resource for eye cancer research funding and patient/caregiver support and is often the first stop in a newly diagnosed patient's treatment journey.  

The organization is committed to accelerating and enhancing scientific research, advocacy, and awareness of ocular melanoma and to providing education and support to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. Specifically, OMF is raising funds, engaging academicians and clinicians, and actively partnering with foundations and other leading agencies supporting cancer research to:

1.  Support and accelerate scientific research and discovery and its translation into effective treatment options for patients.

2.  Provide resources for education and support to OM patients, their families, and to healthcare professionals treating OM.

3.  Act as an advocate within the melanoma and broader cancer community to raise the awareness of OM and the need for a cure.