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CancerCare - cancer support groups, counseling, education and financial assistance
Melanoma Foundation's list of Melanoma Support Groups (note: many of these are aimed at skin cancer)

Financial Assistance

Here are some options for financial assistance from government agencies, organizations and other programs that provide resources for cancer patients and their families.
Patient Advocate Foundation– find assistance with insurance issues
Government Benefits– find benefits you might be eligible for
US Dept. of Health and Human Services– find free or reduced cost healthcare

If a patient has insurance but still can’t pay:
Assistance Fund- a non-profit finanical aid foundation
PAN (Patient Access Network) Foundation– a non-profit co-payment foundation 
Patient Services Inc.– a non-profit premium and co-payment foundation
The Healthwell Foundation- when health insurance is not enough

If patient does not have insurance:

Recommended Blogs

The Eyes Have It- by Dove Karn, ocular melanoma patient
FightCancerWithMe- by Tom Loverro, choroidal melanoma patient
LostEye- by Jay Adkisson, choroidal melanoma patient who lost his eye in 2000

More blogs on our Press page >

Other Sites (run by Castle Biosciences)
Eye Cancer Network (run by Dr. Paul Finger)
National Cancer Institute (NCI) PDQ on Intraocular Melanoma 
Treatment Trials educational and support resources for patients and their families
Cancer & Careers- educational resources to help people with cancer thrive in their workplace 

OcuMel UK is a charity based in the United Kingdom which represents sufferers of ocular melanoma. The organization aims to "support patients and their families by providing accurate, up-to-date information and emotional support via [their] website and helpline. [Their] vision is a world where all ocular melanoma sufferers and their families are given the information, support and treatment they need."

Ocumel UK Site



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