Patient Assistance & Resources

Today, OMF is one of the top resources for OM patient support, education and advocacy. We strive to provide patients and their caregivers - both the newly diagnosed as well as those looking to gain a greater understanding of their disease - with both cutting edge research and a full suite of tools to guide them along their treatment journey.

A hallmark of OMF's support program is our focus on interconnectedness. Given the orphan nature of OM, it is imperative that patients lean on and learn from others in the OM community and as the non-profit support group in the middle of that ecosystem, OMF seeks to provide tools and resources to facilitate and amplify that community communication.

The three major pillars of the OMF patient communication toolsets are (1) this website, (2) the many social media outlets we administer, including a very active Facebook group that is closed to just OM patients and caregivers, and (3) a range of assistance programs that helps to provide financial support when needed by OM patients and their family.

OMF is also pleased to partner with a number of other organizations such as ACIS and MRF/CureOM to ensure that patients and caregivers receive the fullest range of information and support. We encourage you to read about these other services, many available online, under our Other Online Resources section.

As always, if you have a question, feel free to email us at


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