2015 Patient Retreat

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The Largest Gathering of OM Patients & Caregivers in the World

OMF's flagship Eye Am Not Alone (EANA) Patient Retreat is returning for a second year to the world renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. In partnership with the Cole Eye Institute and Dr. Arun Singh, this 5th annual retreat will combine broad scientific updates from uveal melanoma experts with a unique opportunity to network with and learn from fellow OM community members.

Now in its 5th year, the EANA is the largest gathering of ocular melanoma patients and caregivers in the world and, as in year's past, is free for all attendees.

OMF, along with the Clinic and our generous corporate sponsors, covers the cost of the meeting, including your meals/snacks, the event space, A/V, printed materials and overhead for support staff. You can, however, help us offset these event costs by choosing to pay for your ticket -- at your discretion -- and by making an additional donation to OMF when you register. Every dollar you give allows us to cover travel and lodging costs for other patients to attend who may otherwise not be able to and this year OMF intends to pay for anyone with evidence of financial hardship to travel to and participate in the Retreat via our TAG program. 

Retreat Agenda

As in year's past, the agenda balances Science, Social and Support, the 3 pillars of the EANA Retreat. Things will kick off at 4:30 pm in Bunts Auditorium with a 'OM 101' panel geared towards newly diagnosed patient and caregivers. This will allow them to ask questions of the ophthalmologists directly and to ensure everyone is more or less on the same page when we dive into a discussion on surveillance and adjuvant therapy Saturday morning. Due to responses from last year, Saturday is more focused on tactical patient care (including more information for patients a few years out from initial dx/treatment) and Sunday is slightly trimmed down so that we can finish earlier and allow attendees more time to network and explore Cleveland together.  

If you have any specific feedback or requests for the agenda (including recommendations for speakers) drop us a line at
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