Kammerman Family Fundraiser

Update on Successful Fundraiser:

This past November, in chilly upstate New York, the Kammerman family hosted a music-themed charity event to raise awareness and research funds for OM. Their goal was to raise $25,000. These much-needed funds would be matched 1:1 by OMF to support a full $50,000 research grant in honor of David Kammerman, a husband, a father and a dear OM Warrior.

The family blew through their goal and raised almost $40000! The family doesn't want to stop there, though, so they have updated their goal to team with OMF to together fund TWO Junior Investigator Grants, a total of $100,000 in research funding targeting this rare eye cancer for 2017!

"Research is the one sure way of finding a cure for ocular melanoma."  - Maura Kammerman 

Help the Kammerman family and OMF make history by supporting one final fundraising push for not one, but TWO, research grants.   

Photos of Event:

Our Story

​On December 19, 2013, David Kammerman was diagnosed with ocular melanoma (OM). OM is a rare and extremely aggressive cancer affecting approximately 2,500 Americans annually. Current statistics show that patients diagnosed with OM have a 50% chance of metastatic disease which, as of now, has no cure. This past summer, the family received the news that David's cancer had metastasized to his liver.

The family understands that their campaign may not save David, but they cannot ignore the hope of helping their loved one and other OM patients. Please consider donating to “Be The Light" and support the fight against ocular melanoma. 

Click here for Maura's full story about their journey with OM.

Please Give

It's not too late to give. Your donation is your opportunity to help us participate in finding a cure by supporting not one, but TWO research grants this year.  Thank you!
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