In Memory of Jeffrey Patrick Clark 

Jeffrey Patrick Clark
DOB 3/17/58
DOD 3/16/22

Thinking of the time we were heading to Nashville from Ohio, to Sarah Cannon for a clinical trial after being diagnosed with liver mets. On the way, we found out he had to change the trial due to a tumor growing very quickly. It's devastating news, but we were already almost there so we signed new paperwork and continued the trip. Because of the growth, we had lots of free time as he was not starting treatment that day after all. My sister flew in from Chicago and we all went out that night. We had the best time. The following days and drive home was filled with so much laughter. This is who my father was. A positive, outgoing, hopeful and sweet man. He carried us all through hard times mentally and he always made sure someone was laughing no matter what was going on around him. He never complained and welcomed each tough day with love and so much strength. I could tell the world he loved hummingbirds and dancing, but what stands out to me is his heart of gold. He was always talented enough to be first, but never wanted to be. He enjoyed watching and helping others succeed. He would help anyone even when he was down. His love will light this world on fire for the remaining of time there is life here. By all who knew and loved him, and by all who will walk the same path he did long after he was there. He was and will forever be a beautiful soul that 4 of us were blessed to call dad.

The one that makes silence feel like music
The one that makes laughter feel like oxygen
The one that makes conversation feel like home 
The one that is sunshine in human form; remember him.

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