In Memory of Tony Grant

On this page, we honor the life of Tony Grant beloved husband, son, brother and uncle.

Tony, 67 of Georgetown Texas, passed away on July 3, 2019 after a difficult battle with Metastatic Ocular Melanoma.

Tony was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in January of 2018.  It was treated with plaque radiation.  He continued to have regular scans with no issues.  In December of 2018 we discovered that the Ocular Melanoma had metastasized to his liver and bones. Tony was treated with chemotherapy.  In March of 2019 he was told his time was short but he continued to fight and demonstrate concern for all around him. Even while in hospice care Tony was a positive influence on everyone around him.

Ocular Melanoma is a rare disease.  So little funding for research is available that all contributions regardless of amount are important.  In honor of Tony’s courageous battle with this horrible disease, please join me in raising much needed money for research.  My hope is to help someone win the battle that took the love of my life.  Just click on the “donation now” tab on this page.

Formal services will not be held in accordance with Tony’s wishes.  

Tony’s Remarkable Life:
Tony was born in Salem Oregon. He excelled in academics and athletics. These accomplishments helped define Tony’s life in many ways.

His academic standing and performance on his SATs presented the opportunity to attend Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) on scholarship. Tony made the most of his education as exemplified by his successful career. He combined his knowledge of computer science and physics with his skills at sales and marketing to assist companies like Samsung, Xilinx and NEC launch new products and achieve dominance in their markets. Tony was known throughout tech circles for being an aggressive “doer”.

Tony was also an athlete. He excelled in multiple sports (actually lettering in four sports) but was especially capable of the javelin throw.  As a young man he won two NAIA national championships in the javelin throw resulting in an interview by Howard Cosell.   Later Tony qualified for the 1980 Olympics (sadly these games were boycotted).

Tony and Jannine competed in many running races, marathons, triathlons, and three full ironman races. Tony was most proud to proclaim that in all their many races together he was only able to best Jannine on one occasion.

Tony loved retirement life in the Sun City community. He made many cherished friends, volunteered for several activities, loved playing pickleball, and was known for playing “long ball golf”.   Tony often drove the golf ball well over 300 yards and was also known for the ensuing “hunt in the woods” to find the ball!

Tony was a devoted and loving husband to his wife Jannine Grant throughout their 27 year marriage.
Ocular Melanoma is a rare disease.  Therefore funding for research to find a cure is very limited at this time. Contributions by mail can be made by sending a check to:

Ocular Melanoma Foundation
1717 K Street NW  Suite 900
Washington, DC  20006

Any questions, please send an email to: