In Loving Memory of Dirk VanDeCarr

This tribute represents an opportunity to support Ocular Melanoma
research in memory of our late husband and father, Dirk J. VanDeCarr. Not only
are we are proud of Dirk’s success as a Worldwide Segment Manager for Agfa
Graphic Systems and his related travels around the world, but also we will forever
cherish his unique human qualities: his intellectual curiosity, his dedication
to family, the joy of his two grandsons, his dexterity on the tennis and golf
courses, his fondness for Cape Cod, his fascination with raptors, his enthusiasm
for gardening, and his gift of humor which always left us hanging for the next
unexpected reply. It is his final years of life, however, that we respect the most
and which deserve the greatest tribute.

Dirk was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in January of 2002, thus
beginning his precarious journey with cancer at Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Infirmary and the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. His medical
history documents a formidable timeline consisting of two Proton Beam
treatments, enucleation of his right eye, liver resection, a craniotomy, surgery on
his left eye, stereotactic radiations, and chemotherapy. Throughout those seven
years of survivorship, Dirk exemplified the epitome of courage, resilience, and
dignity. We continue to marvel at, and will always remember, the extraordinary
strength and stamina he exhibited to maintain a spirit of hope and faith while
confronting the multitude of scans, consultations, decisions, treatments, and
periods of recovery he endured. The manner in which he distinguished himself
throughout this process characterizes his worth and personifies his legacy. We
admit that we could not have persisted with such fortitude and grace.

This tribute also represents an opportunity to thank the many
doctors, nurses, specialists, and research teams whose talents, expertise, and skill
contributed to increased longevity and quality of life. Their continuous care
remained undaunted; their support provided the impetus for hope; and their
advice ensured a special trust that Dirk placed in all his doctors. Because of such
a profound relationship between a dedicated medical field and the patient whom
we will always love, we wish to support efforts to find a cure for ocular melanoma.

We sincerely thank you for your contributions in Dirk’s honor to the
Ocular Melanoma Foundation.

Terry VanDeCarr, Michelle Griffin, & Sara VanDeCarr
If you have any questions or want further information about Warrior fundraising with OMF, please email
Dirk J. VanDeCarr
April 3, 1945 – November 30, 2008

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